Mobile Phone Games

The Philippines is well-known for the title of “SMS Capital of the World” or “Text Messaging Capital of the World” aptly so because we hold the highest number of text messaging traffic per day than any other country.

In a small country such as ours where even children as young as 10 years old have their own mobile phones we have made text messaging part of our everyday lives. But this is not the only thing worth noting.

The power of our current mobile phones are what used to be our desktop computers with one noticeable difference — it’s physical size.

Most the young people and even the “young once” have made their mobile phones a personal game console.

The mobile phone models in our country are among the newest models available. Mobile games especially Java mobile games have become past time entertainments. 3D mobile phones and 3D mobile games are fast becoming available on the market.

We’ve decided to put up a new web site dedicated to Java mobile. A site that provides information on Java mobile games, Java enabled mobile phones and other technologies about the Java mobile platform that will be of interest to the ordinary mobile phone user and and also developers.

Try and visit the website at and contribute to the community of mobile users we are trying to create so that everyone may benefit from it. Help create a community were people can share their comments and views about java mobile games, mobile phones and other technologies of interest to you as a mobile user.

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