Upgrade your Nokia N80 to N80 Internet Edition

If you have a Nokia N80 cell phone chances are you have been waiting for this news. You can now get an official firmware update from Nokia for your Nokia N80 mobile phone. Using the Nokia Software Updater (NSU), the new firmware will update your old N80 firmware into a Nokia Internet Edition firmware.

I updated my Nokia N80 mobile phone’s old firmware version 4.0623.0.42 to a new firmware version 4.0632.0.28. I checked my cell phone and it now contains the Internet folder which contains setup functions for Voice over IP (VoIP). Addtional parameters for “Internet call waiting” and “Internet call alert” can now be found in the Tools | Settings | Call setup. The new firmware is now the same firmware used in the Nokia N80 Internet Edition (N80ie) cell phones. The Nokia N80 Internet Edition (N80i) allows the owner to setup VoIP Internet calls using the cell phone.

To update your phone, all you need is a computer with an Internet connection and Nokia’s NSU program. Make sure your phone is fully charged. Be sure to make a backup of your mobile phone contents. Then connect your cell phone to your computer using the USB data cable.

When you start the Nokia Software Updater (NSU) it will connect to the Nokia web site and detect that a new version of the firmware is available for download. Follow the instructions to start the download and installation of the new firmware to your Nokia N80 mobile phone.

Make sure that the update of the firmware is not interrupted. Once the installation process is complete, your N80 cell phone will be restarted and you need to setup the timezone, date and time.

After the startup you can now check for the updated firmware by typing “*#0000#” to check the installed firmware version. You will notice that you now have version 4.0632.0.38. If you check your menu icons, it now has the “Internet” folder.


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