Ortigas & Company to use SAP

One of the country’s major real estate developer, Ortigas & Co. Limited Partnership, has commited to start the implentation of it’s modernization by using the SAP software. Ortigas & Co. will be using BT Properties, a tailor-made software solution developed by BayanTrade, a local channel partner of SAP.

The software which features functionalities such as marketing campaign management, sales contract management, lease management, and reporting and analytics will allow Ortigas & Co. to increase the efficiency of it’s operations. Drilon II, the company’s chief operating officer, said the SAP software will make them “very agile, able to respond to market demands faster, and deliver products quickly” in a cost-efficient manner and a scale that is higher.

The SAP software implementation is estimated to be done in six months and is expected to help in boosting the company’s targets for the upcoming years.

Source: http://news.idg.no/cw/art.cfm?id=FC780629-1A64-67EA-E4C408CE22AE0FC7

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