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Ortigas Online now uses WordPress

We have just switched to a new web site software called WordPress and we are in the process of transferring the data from the old web site to this current site which is now offline.

Good news for Java Developers

Google has just released the Android open mobile platform SDK today for download. Android is a open source mobile platform that consists of Linux as the operating system and Java as the middleware for developing mobile applications. Android is a complete mobile phone stack — meaning the whole software can be used to run a mobile phone. It has everything that is needed to make a mobile phone work Continue reading

Mobile Phone Games

The Philippines is well-known for the title of “SMS Capital of the World” or “Text Messaging Capital of the World” aptly so because we hold the highest number of text messaging traffic per day than any other country.

In a small country such as ours where even children as young as 10 years old have their own mobile phones we have made text messaging part of our everyday lives. But this is not the only thing worth noting.

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New Web Links Category

A new category in Web Links has been added to the site. You can now browse a List of Hotels in the Ortigas area. Starting today we will be adding links to the existing categories to put in more helpful information about the Ortigas area.

Hotels and Restaurants

We have made some updates on the Ortigas Online menu. We now have links to Hotels and Restaurants in the area.

Although the list is definitely not complete, we will be adding information about the existing items in the list and also add new items. Visit Ortigas Online regularly to get an updated list.