200 Call Center Agents

Global Sky Incorporated is currently looking for 200 call center agents to fill their seats. This is because there are new accounts coming in. Global Sky is an American owned and managed call center based here in the Philippines.

Look for:
Mark Anthony Cruz
Global Sky Incorporated

Global Sky Incorporated are located at 8th floor Raffles Corporate Center, Emerald Avenue, Ortigas, Pasig City 1605. Contact Global Sky Incorporated at (02)914-2534. Walk-in applicants are welcome to apply.

More information: http://forums.abs-cbn.com/index.php?showtopic=28984

16 thoughts on “200 Call Center Agents

  1. Martin,Charmaine

    im not a college graduate i just took a 2years vocatinoal course but i took a training for cca at T.U.C.P just last month,and i’ve been a telemarketer before,sales representative(generic drugs)that’s why im pretty used talking to people,,even that i didn’t got the priviledge to go to college because of financial problem i still have the potential to influence other using my communication ability,and i know how to love a JOB coz im not a lazy person;the truth is im not expecting you to hire someone like me(not a college level)but i still want to try!!nothing to loose i tell myself..have a nice day to all!!!

  2. Jimenez, Anna Lyn

    I’m undergraduate as a computer information management, I’ve finish my 100hrs training as a call center agent in Olongapo City under the scholar of Ms. Mitos Magsaysay,

  3. Verna Marcos

    I’m high school graduate, but I’m willing to apply in your company to do all the best I can as a part of your company as a agent,

  4. Diosay, Carmelino III

    im a undergrad student in one of the university here in manila, im willing to apply in your company, I want this kind of job to continue my studies and to help my parents and I will do my best to become a good agent im your company, tnx..

  5. Rodil, Christopher C.

    I’m udergraduate of Electronic Communication Engineering but I’m willing to apply to your company. I have under gone trainings such as 60 hours of English Language Proficiency and 100 hours PGMA of Finishing Course for Call Center Agents. My interests to work as a call center agent is to earn money and for career.

  6. joyly

    im a high school grad but im welling to apply for a call center agent.I hope you can help me in my family thnks

  7. gelli ordeniza

    Im undergrad of computer science but im willing to be trained and i really like to work in call center…

  8. belinda

    Hi I’m Belinda, I’m just High School Graduate, but im willing to apply to your company, i can do all my best that i can as a part of ur company as an agent

  9. Limuel B. Mejilla

    I am currently studying in the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. This coming school year I will be at my 3rd year level, holding the degree of bachelor in Office Administration Major in Medical Transcription. I have a good communication skill and can type without even looking at the keyboard with the speed of 50wpm as of now. I am very eager to apply for a job and I hope I will be accepted in your company. I think I will be there this coming Tuesday. Hope to see your company soon. Godbless you all!!

  10. Arman Sagapen

    I’m a 2-year grad. determined to be a call center agent. I hope to see my self here in the company for this coming years.

  11. kim

    i’m a 2nd year high school student and looking for an OJT for the positon of encoder within 300hrs.I hope that you can help me as soon as posible.I am willing to work hard.

  12. Elicar Catacutan

    i am looking for a job with him compensation and benefits. i also want to improve my skills and i think your company will help me to be professional…i hope you can help me asap

  13. kimberly medel

    hi im kim 16 yrs old and a highschool grad. im really interested in this job offer and im wondering if u accept students w/ good english and communicating skills as part-time call center agents for this summer..hope u could reply:) tnx!

  14. Redalyn Valerio

    I am a freshmen college undergraduate. I am anxious in applying in a call center. I am english proficient

  15. shane

    hi! im willing to apply as a call center agenty. I’m looking for a job as soon as i can.i only finished first year in nursing and when i was a student i studied as a scholar student of our city mayor Sonny Belmonte.

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