201F, , Shoemart Megamall - Building A


General Information

Adenip Incorporated is one of the most dynamic and promising fashion forward Filipino apparel retail corporations in the Philippines. It owns and manages the brand name FH Folded & Hung, which has become one of the leading local fashion brands of today.

Folded & Hung boasts of its position as a major fashion trendsetter label. It caters to men and women who love and breath fashion and are in tune with the latest trends on the runways. F and H challenges itself to live up to its customers expectations, up to date trends with value for money. What sets FH from other retailers is that it maintains and boasts of merchandise and marketing efforts that are in line with the company’s ideals and visions. And that is to become the preferred and leading retail chain of stores providing current and fashionable clothing at competitive prices with excellent personalized customer service. Folded and Hung products reflects the lifestyle and personalities of its consumers with its hip, stylish and fashionably designed clothing line and accessories.


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