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Freeway provides contemporary trends that tickle every fashionista’s whim. It’s flattering, sexy and appealing. It can be bold and daring, while still possessing femininity. It is for the fun-loving trendsetters who dare to be different and who love to stand-out in the crowd. The young cosmopolitan market can finally express themselves through fashion without burning a hole in their pockets.

At the frontiers of the fashion industry with 28 strong branches nationwide, Freeway continues to evolve and spawn groundbreaking trends. Its innovations, however, were not only evident in the clothes. It’s new racy look is from head to toe, from its signage with lustrous metallic font that radiates against its white, crisp background, to its ultra-modern interiors, giving it a cool and radical ambiance. Its bar inspired feel with custom made unique chrome modules and leather padded walls with Rhine stone quilts give it a hip and modern vibe. The sophisticated bright and modern lighting is perfect for your chic and stylish shopping experience.


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