The Podium
No. 12

General Information

Marithé + François Girbaud Blue is a highly desirable brand that engages consumers and the way they live with evolutionary products and experiences. They strive to build a profitable business that serves and excites consumers with “modern interpretations of common products.

From the very beginning, Marithé + Francois Girbaud innovated their way through the fashion industry. Virtually every major development in style, technique, wash, and cut of the denim can trace its roots back to these two visionaries.The bellbottom jean was Marithé + Francois Girbaud’s. Acid and Stone washing, Marithé + Francois Girbaud’s as well.The baggy cut, the slim fit, Sovrascaricato, lazerblading, thermal fusion…each was a Girbaud clothing original. Girbaud men’s clothing collection features fashion-forward jeans, tees, polos and hoodies with signature Girbaud taping details and much more. Innovative designs fill the Girbaud women’s collection of tops, jeans, skirts, dresses and hoodies. Dozens of designers past and present have adapted, adopted, and copied the groundbreaking work of Girbaud clothing. And while the Girbaud style was followed and imitated, Marithé + Francois Girbaud’s creative spirit, technical expertise, and flair for setting trends remains unmatched.


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