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Started in 1988, Petit Monde aimed for one thing: to provide the regular Filipino teen trendy options to dress up the way they want to – no frills, no pretenses, no pomposities. Just comfortable and stylish numbers that speak about their generation – cool, adventurous, fun-loving, sometimes even audacious – but never, never out of fashion.

It’s been twenty one (21) years and Petit Monde has gone really “grande” certainly going beyond the “small world” that it has been named after.

Petit Monde also brings it up on themselves to grow up with the teen market with whom it all started by coming up with labels that cater to young adults, and chic yuppies. from just mere colorful tees and jeans, Petit Monde’s fashion line now includes apparels in the latest styles plus: shoes, bags, fragrances and accessories all carefully design and seamlessly expedited.


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