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Bubble Tea specializes and offers tapioca drinks in many variants, subdivided into milk based (milk teas and milkshakes) and iced tea based drinks. But unlike any other tapioca joints in town, it is an actual restaurant. On Bubble Tea’s menu are sumptuous side treats, rice platters, sushi, rice bowls, pasta, noodle soups, pizza and burgers. Bubble Tea’s drinks and dishes have distinct flavor that is rarely found anywhere else in the country. Aside from the strict implementation of Japanese recipes for most of its menu offerings, Bubble Tea imports much of its ingredients straight from Japan, such as the bubbles, teas, fruit syrups and egg pudding. That’s why you can be sure that you’re getting authentic and high-quality drinks for you’re the value of your money. Bubble Tea aims to transform the pearl shake community stand in today’s culinary consciousness and encourage it to be a beverage that you could sit down to with a good book, your family or friends.


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