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General Information

The Chowking Foood Corporation gained entrance to the Philippines’ highly competitive fastfood industry in 1985, at a time when it was dominated by western-style burger joints. It positioned itself in a niche where it could be a strong leader, by adopting the best features of two distinct restaurant personalities – on the one hand, the traditional Chinese restaurant, with its menu of delectable, sumptuous but easy-to-prepare and reasonably-priced dishes; on the other, the modern, western-style fastfood joint, with its eye-catching fa├žade, bright interiors and young staff dispensing friendly and snappy service – and fused them into a unique concept: the Oriental quick-service restaurant.

With focus on its core competencies to create differentiated, superior product value, Chowking has stood the test of shifting tastes, changing lifestyles and a volatile market, to develop its own set of loyal customers that keeps growing year in and year out.


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