Robinsons Galleria Mall

General Information

Mercury Drug Corporation today has grown beyond our expectation. Thanks to the millions of Filipinos who have patronized our stores all these years and to our family of hard-working and dedicated Mercurians.

It all began in February 1945 when most of the businesses were destroyed. After the liberation of our country from the Japanese by the Americans, Bambang Street, Sta. Cruz, Manila became the center of much activity Рa place where many came to buy and sell merchandise. Encouraged by the crowd and the energy of entrepreneurism, I started Mercury Drug by selling medicines from a pushcart. From the pushcart to the opening of the first small drugstore in Bambang on March 1, 1945, Mercury Drug has grown into a network of over 700 company-owned and franchised stores all over the country. This is in fulfillment of the company’s vision of bringing safe and affordable health-enhancing and life-saving medicines closer to the people of the Philippines.


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