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Apple has introduced a new generation (4th generation) of their iPod Nano media players. The new iPod Nano media players offer several new colors in 8GB and 16GB memory models. The current colors available are silver, black, purple, cyan, green, yellow, orange red and magenta. The new generation has reverted back to the previous “candy bar” form factor of the first generation iPod nano with a lot less sharp corners and more curves providing comfort to the hands.

One of the new iPod Nano features the “Genius Playlist”. The “Genius Playlist” can help you in selecting the next music you want to play in your iPod Nano. It’s like having a personal disc jock. When you are listening to a music, the “Genius Playlist” will compute for the most likely song you would want to listen to from your music library and inserts it in your playlist.

The Cover Flow allows you to browse thru your music library by it’s album cover making it more visual and easier to identify. You can browse and view video horizontally or vertically on the iPod Nano.

Shake your new iPod Nano and it allows you to go to the next song on your playlist. Plus of course store your photos and watch videos on a compact, bring anywhere media player.

The 8GB version costs USD 149.00 while the 16GB version costs US$ 199.00 from the Apple stores.


2 thoughts on “The new 4th generation Apple iPod Nano

  1. Debbie Pelias

    I want to buy an IPOD Nano… I am here in the Philippines. Can you please give me a price list and store where I can buy it?

    Thank you.


  2. ortigas

    You can buy it from Electroworld in Shoemart Megamall – the price range is between 7,xxx to 11,xxx depending on the memory storage capacity. There are 4GB, 8GB and 16GB models.


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